Volunteering Tales

The Chain-saw Certificate

By Kirstie McAllum The prevalence of bureaucratic obstacles that prevent volunteers doing what they came to do was one of the key motivations that pushed me to research changes in nonprofit organizing and volunteering in the first place. Nonetheless, demands for “expert volunteers” who complete various training modules still surprise me. A recent example from a family […]

Shadowed Work … a Confessional Tale

By Marie-Claude Plourde   For three years, I have been passionately involved in a professional association labelled as a non-profit organization (NPO). The mission of the Association du design urbain du Québec (ADUQ; Urban Design Association of Quebec) is to promote and to make known the practice of urban design. Urban design is a field […]

Being a “good” volunteer: For whom? Why?

By Consuelo Vásquez I enter the ballroom wondering if I’m dressed appropriately for this event. The vast room of the montrealer hotel, decorated with suspended chandeliers, is crowded with middle-aged people, mostly white women. I try to make my way through this happy and noisy mass of people, hoping to recognize a familiar face. Among […]

Discovering the Value of Volunteering Through Experience

By Nicolas Bencherki   As I entered the building, the stench burned my nostrils. The air in the building smelled like nothing I had ever experienced – I would later understand this was the odor of a rare type of mold that developed following the building’s severe water infiltrations. I kept walking, following Lindsey up the […]